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Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water – Is it good for a SENSITIVE SKIN?

A cleansing water might be the solution for most women in removing the makeup from face and get the bare face. However, sometimes we just too attracted with the packaging itself and get pimples all over our face or leaves permanent spot in the skin. It will be really scary to face that fact that will be happened if we choose the wrong products.

Choosing the right product for our skin will be one of the challenging things that might be face our lives, especially for women. I am one of them. I really hard to get the suitable skincare products that match with my skin type, as I have a super sensitive skin. There are only limited skincare products that may well-absorbed into my skin and have the expected result. Therefore, I have to super selective in finding the skincare products based on the ingredients contain therein.

In terms of the cleansing product, of course that I tried many brands and my skin just fit with the product that contain light ingredients. Currently, my face is easily get irritated especially if I used the products that contain some heavy ingredients. Then, I try to use the green tea cleansing water from Innisfree. It is the Korean skincare brand and I think it just entered in Indonesia since a year or two years ago. Unexpectedly, this cleansing water has very light ingredients but it is able to remove all makeup with only two wipes and my face is safe from getting irritated. The challenge thing would be getting this product from the store. In Jakarta, Indonesia, there are only 2 Innisfree stores, which are located in Central Park and Senayan City. So, I have to get through the traffic jam to those two malls whenever I run out the product. However, if I look the result on my face, I don’t bother if I have to drive long way through. In some online shops, they also sell this product. So, it will be easier to purchase it.

As it is stated in the bottle, this green tea cleansing water is enriched with squeezed green tea from Jeju island to deliver abundant moisture and nourishment deep into the skin.

Based on my experience in using this cleansing water, the form of the water is really watery like the regular water. But after I applied it throughout my face and wipe it off, it leaves the sticky feeling but that won’t be annoyed. The application is very easy as I just put 3 to 4 pumps of  this cleansing water in the facial cotton and wipe it throughout the face with gentle motion. I used to apply it two times per application, just to ensure that my makeup and dirt are already removed from my facial skin. After wiping off, just leave the skin for about 30 seconds to 1 minute to ensure that the ingredients of green tea cleansing water are well absorbed into the skin. This cleansing water are being used as my morning and evening routines to remove makeup, dirt, and also my night cream.

My feeling after use this cleansing water

I had lots of acne at the time I tried this cleansing water and I need the skincare product that is able to reduce the acne and re-moisturized my skin. After I applied this green tea cleansing water, I feel that my acne became dry and my facial skin is well-moisturized. However, this cleansing water won’t give the glowing effect like the other cleansing cream do but it helps to reduce the skin irritation and drying out the acne.

Very Cute Packaging

The 300 ml plastic bottle are made in the cute shape, especially in the pressing button area. There is the main lid to cover the pressing button. It means that you have to press this button to release the liquid to the facial cotton. This would be great to minimize the amount of cleansing water usage because you will get a large amount of liquid in only one press. Therefore, it will be economist as well, which is very good.

My suggestion is if you have a very sensitive skin and easy to get irritated, you may try this product to clean your face and remove the dirt as well as makeup. This product is not only cleansed the dirt but also treat the skin while cleansing.

Do you have other recommended skincare brands that are suitable for the sensitive skin?

Thanks for reading.

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