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Calathea Multicolor is a Prayer Plant?

Calathea Multicolor is one of the decorative plants that can be used to supply the fresh air besides the beautiful leaves appearance. How can we care for Calathea Multicolor?

Review | Bee Botanics Propolis Mouthwash with Peppermint

Maintaining the oral health must be one of the factors that we should consider on a daily basis. Brushing teeth, cleaning tartar at the dentist, gargling with mouthwash are the healthy activities in ensuring that our mouth area is already hygienic. As we know that virus can be everywhere and give the affection to our health from every part of our body. Therefore, we have to maintain our body health from head to toe.

How to Take Care the Fungi Plant in Miana

Find a lot of plant fungi in a favorite plant must shock our feeling. That was happening to me when I found some plant fungi on the stem of my Miana plant a few days ago. I did the propagation for my Miana by using a water medium, but I think I put it in the water too long. It was about 2 or 3 weeks duration. I know that is my fault and I try to find the solution to save my Miana plant.