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Review: How to Ease the Pain by Voltaren

Hi … 

I want to share my experience when I had pain in my back during traveling. I felt down during my traveling in Perth, Western Australia and got a burst in my back. I got confused because I didn’t have any ideas about the pain killer, lotion or balm that can ease my pain available in Perth. In different countries, they sell different brands. I tried to go to some chemists and consulted with them with pain. Most of them only provide the medicine for fever. 

And finally, there was one chemist gave the solution for me by offering one brand name, Voltaren.  It is an oinment that can relief local pain and inflammation temporarily. I put this oinment in my pain 3 or 4 times everyday. I massage the affected area at the same time. I feel cold for the first 5 minutes after the application. And it became warm and I felt less pain for about 3 hours. At least I could move more relax. 

The best result that used to do was I laydown for about one hour after the application. It streched my back naturally and it became more relax.

There are some information that stated in the box under the section of “Do Not Use”.

  • Don’t use on children under 12 years old.
  • Don’t use during the pregnancy or breastdeeding.
  • Don’t use for people, who have an allergy diclofenac, aspirin, any other anti-inflammatory medicine or pain relievers.

However, if you have any negative effects after using this, you have to see the doctor immediately.

This is my review of Voltaren. I hope this information helps you to find the oinment for temporarily relief the local pain. See you in my next blog.

Thanks for reading.

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