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What’s in Topkapi Palace?

The old town of Istanbul is still the hot topic of my post. This post would be the second post after “Get Frozen in the Old Town of Istanbul“. The old town will still the focal point in every city in the world or it can be said that there are a lot of tourist attractions in this area. This also works well for Istanbul. As being mentioned in my previous post that there were strong historical points that can be found in the old town, such as Mosque, museum, dome, plaza, small shops, monument, parks, restaurants and other unique things. So, it means by visiting one area, we were able to gather memories from various historical places.

Hagia Sophia was the place that I visited on the first day in Istanbul and it was described in my previous article. What are the places that we can visit nearby this museum?

Topkapi Palace, What is it?

The green areas in Topkapi Palace complex

As we commited to explore this old town area by foot, then we continue our journey in this area by our tiring but happy foots. We continued to walk through the greeny pathway and stop in Topkapi Palace. It was such the beautiful place with beautiful parks and historical building surrounds. The textured walls, fertile big trees, lots of benches and the most importantly was almost all spots were good as the background photos. So, just enjoy the comfort walks while taking some beautiful travel pictures.

The view of building and nature in Topkapi Palace complex

Talking about the Topkapi Palace, I had a few information about this place before I came here. It was the official residence of Sultan Utsmaniyah for more than 600 years (1465-1856). This palace was built as the direction from Sultan Mehmed II that started in 1459. The palace complex contains of 4 main fields and numbers of small buildings. As the royal residence, this palace was used for various state events and entertainment. Currently, this palace becomes one of popular tourist attractions in Istanbul. In this museum, we could see lots of important sacred relics, such as blade, turban, robe, tooth, mustache and beard of Prophet Muhammad. We also could see the relics from other Prophets and friends of the Phrophet Muhammad.

Every place in Topkapi Palace is the best for photo shoot

Actually, there were too many things that could be enjoyed inside the museum but the atmosphere was too crowded and lots of people pushed one another. It made us inconvenience. One more thing, we could not took some photos inside Topkapi Palace, which made sense for me as it contained important sacred relics. HOWEVER, there were a lot of people took some photos direspectfully, especially in the area of the Prophet Muhammad’s inheritance, and they made the securities mad. So, it would be better if all visitors just follow the rules and that could make us enjoy the palace maximally.

The thing that interesting me most is there was people who read Al Quran alternately for 24 hours. We could see the people near the exit door.

My view while queueing in Topkapi Palace

A long queue to entry the Topkapi Palace — This took me for approximately 20 to 30 minutes to entry the palace. The queue was OK but we had to concern about the waiting time in each destination.

Freezing in the Border Line

The border line between Europe and Asia countries

We continued to walk finding the Mosque to pray. During our walk, we felt very cold and we even could not just stay still. After we finished pray, we found the strategic spot with the beautiful view. It was the border line between Europe and Asia, which means that we could see both countries at the same spot. However, my feeling was disturbed by strong wind and cold weather. Therefore, we just stay there for no more than 5 minutes, took some photos in urgent and go. The weather was not very friendly.

Enjoying the coffee with the perfect scenery of Europe and Asia countries

We decided to relax in the coffee shop just below the border line spot. There was the small coffee shop that sell varieties foods and beverages. At that time, I bought a hot cappuccino and the strawberry with whipped cream. My body needed the hot thing to seep into and also needed the healthy consumption. We ate in the indoor section with the view of both Europe and Asia. Actually, the view and the place were so romantic ut I had no choice just to sat there and having the hot and healthy things.


  • Always wearing the sport shoes while in Turkey because the walking is required as a daily routine. The footwear is also needed to prevent foot from the wind.
  • No pictures inside the Topkapi Palace. You have to remind this point. Those were the sacres relics and we had to respect those.
  • Always follow the rules and respect each other.
  • Some heritages of Prophet Muhammad were locked in the box (I guess the color was red, if I am not mistaken). The box would be open during the special event. Therefore, please check those special events in advance, in order to have a chance seeing the saved heritages.
  • When you have the travel itinerary, please include the waiting time during queueing in each destination.
  • Be aware of dry skin! Because of the cold weather, sometimes we did not realise that it could make our skin less hydrate and less moisturize. It will have the resulf dry skin. The perfect way is always apply the body lotion in all over our skin and also apply the petroleum jelly in our lips. This could prevent our lips from the unhealthy factors.

Visiting Hours and The Ticket Price

Closing Hour : On Tuesdays and at the first days of the religious festive days.

Visiting Hour : 9.00 to 19.00

Ticket Price : 40 Turkish Lira per persom (This price was only for the Topkapi Palace entrance). There will be the separate price for visiting Hagia Irene and Harem Section)

For further information can be gathered from the following official Website through this LINK.

The wind did not even bother me at all, while Turkey. We just enjoyed the weather and the Islamic heritages without thinking about any barriers.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Checking in advance is super important! I sometimes forget til the last minute only to be disappointed that something we were planning to go to is closed πŸ™ˆ excellent post


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