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Enjoy My Day in Blacklisted

I really addicted to any kind of coffees and fillet of fish for my dishes. I don’t know why I prefer to have a cup of hot cappuccino after eating as I know this is not healthy but I love it so much. And I also love just sit in the cafe doing my paper works or writing my blogs in my favorite cafes with comfort environment for hours. I also love to study English or French during pre-exams. It was so relieve for me. Yes, I know I am in love with cafe too.

In Jakarta, I have 2 favorites cafes that I used to visit every week, for lunch or just meet up my friends. JJ Royals and Blacklisted. Both of them are located in Lotte Avenue. In this blog, I want to share my experience while enjoying my day in Blacklisted. The cafe is not too big, but it has the indoor and outdoors seats. The environment is so homey for me as it has a dim light. I usually spent in here for hours.


A hot cappuccino. This is my favorite drink in Blacklisted. The cup is too small for me but the taste of cappuccino is smooth enough. They used to serve with the refresh water in a smaller cup. It is an infused water to refresh your throat after drinking coffee. I always order two glass of hot cappuccino!


A Tofu Nori. It can serve for appetizer or snack. It is just a tofu with a seaweed on the top and served by a peanut sauce. I used to order without a seaweed though. The texture of this tofu is so soft and smooth while chewing in my mouth. And the sauce blend well with it. I like this kind of snack and usually after eating this by myself I can’t have the main course for 2 hours.

This is my favourite! A package of FISH AND CHIPS. The bites is well served. The flour was so soft and also it blends well with the fish. However, the fries sometimes hard to bite but I can order when I want the dishes cooked well or half cooked or crispy. It is my other healthy food in weekend πŸ™‚

So, Blacklisted is my recommended cafe if you want to have your relax time or have a meeting or just reading a book with your phone plugged.

Tell me your your favourite cafe in your town.

Thank you for reading.


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