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Keep Your Skin Healthy during Traveling

To maintain the skin, especially the facial skin, we cannot distinguish it based on our activities. We have to do the same treatment to our skin whether we are on traveling or just stay in the home town, because our skin need the regular treatment everyday. However, it will be complicated to bring the whole skin treatment products during traveling because those are too much products to put in the bag or even in the luggage. The same as what we do on the makeup for traveling, we need to be smart to choose the suitable skincare products during traveling as we need to be simple and flexible.

Honestly, I need more than ONE HOUR just to select which skincare products that I should put in my luggage for a-week journey. I feel that I want to bring my skincare products that I used to apply while I am at home, but it will be impossible. Then, I decided to do super selective in choosing them as well as using the sachet packaging instead of the original package. What are the skincare products that I always bring during my traveling? Those won’t make me complicated but it ease my skincare routine.

  1. Micellar Cleansing Wipes from Maybelline New York


The cleansing wipes is my preferable cleansing products for the traveling purpose, because it has the wipes form, which make it very simple to bring. In one pack, It usually contains numbers of wipes that can be used for more than 5 days of traveling. The cleansing application won’t take a long time but it only takes 1 – 2 minutes for every single cleansing process. It will be very effective and efficient, especially after having a long walk during traveling and we just want to get some sleep while arriving at the hotel. Micellar Cleansing Wipes from Maybelline New York is the cleansing wipes that I found in Guardian store. One of the factors that make me choosing this cleansing wipes is the micellar water that consist in every layer. So, I don’t have to bring the micellar water in the bottle that I usually use it while at home. This cleansing wipes claims in the package that it efficiently cleanses and removes make-up for face and eye and it also suitable for sensitive skin. In one pack, it consists 25 sheets, which can be used for around 2 weeks. I feel safe to use this product because it is being produced from the trusted skincare brand.

My Experience : This micellar cleansing wipes was able to remove the dirts as well as the makeup from my face perfectly. I just need to use one sheet to remove the whole makeup, including the eye and lips. However, it was only working as a cleansing product. I feel that my skin was not being moisturized after cleansing, which is different result that I get from the regular cleansing product while at home. Overall, this cleansing wipes is good for the traveling purpose but you have to use additional moisturizer, essence and serum to keep the skin be moisturized and healthy.

2. Refreshing Shampoo from Innisfree


The sachet form is the best form to be brought during traveling as it is very simple and it won’t fill the space in the luggage too much. Shampoo is one of the crucial skincare products that I should bring during traveling because sometimes I feel my hair got sticky during the journey. I have to choose the right shampoo to treat my hair well, because the scalp and hair condition would be different during traveling as I face lots of weather differentiation.

The Refreshing Shampoo from Innisfree is my chosen shampoo sachet for my last traveling. I was able to use one sachet for a usage, which make my life very simple as I don’t like to bring the shampoo or soap bottle back at home after traveling. This refreshing shampoo is purposed for oily scalp and my hair feels light and healthy.

3. Perfume Seed Velved Body Milk from The Face Shop


The sachet form works for the body wash too as it can be used for 1 – 2 usages. Alternatively, I prefer to buy the bottle of soap in the city of arrival instead of bringing the bottle of soap on flight. I was really happy when I received this the sample soap from The Face Soap. Beside this brand is one of my favorite Korean brands for skincare, it also gave me the sachet form of body milk for me to try.

When I tried this Perfume Seed – Velvet Body Milk, I felt my body skin really moisturized and hydrated. My skin also felt elastic after shower. The perfume was also very elegant and calm instead of too fragrant. This body milk is really recommended for daily use, especially during traveling as I just applied a little of this liquid soap for my whole body and I could get the effect for a whole day.

4. CC Intence Cover Cushion


This is my favorite CC cream from The Face Shop. It comes in the cushion form for the original packaging. This kind of CC cream has two types, which are the high coverage & brightening and also the moisture coverage & glow finish. During the day, I usually applied the high coverage & brightening CC Intence Cover Cushion after applying the facial serum. I really happy when I get this cushion in the sachet form. It is very useful for the traveling purpose as I don’t have to bring the bigger package to put in my luggage. 2 to 3 CC cream applications can be get from each sachet. It is really economic.

My Experience : The reason why I really love this CC Intense Cover Cushion from The Face Shop because it can do medium to high coverage on my face with a light formula. It is good for my sensitive skin as I could not stand for the heavy makeup as well as the skincare. This CC cream alson has a long usage duration. It means that if I do not do the touch up more than 2 times, my makeup still stick on my face neatly. Therefore, this would be my favorite CC cream for my daily use as well as during traveling.

5. Heaven Grade Ginseng Essence from the Face Shop


I never used this essence previously. I brought these sachets on my last traveling because of the simple packaging form and I still need to apply the essence for my daily skincare treatment. This essence was also very economic as I was able to apply it for 2 – 3 applications in every sachet.

My Experience : When I applied The Heaven Grade Ginseng Essence from the Face Shop, I felt that the gel is very sticky on my skin and even after an hour of usage. I felt inconvenience with this stickiness. And I could not find any bombastic result after the application. Therefore, I will use this essence only during traveling and if they still have the sachet packaging though.

6. Revitalizing Serum from the Face Shop


I also never used this serum previously. I had got this sample from The Face Shop store when I bought my regular skincare products. I do not mind to try this serum during traveling as it came out in the sachet form and I still need to apply the facial serum every day.

My Experience : I applied this Revitalizing Serum from the Face Shop regularly in the morning and also at night after applying the facial essence and before putting the moisturizer or night cream lotion on my face. This serum worked well on my skin and my skin felt very moisturized. However, I needed to apply this serum on a medium amount to cover my whole face and neck. Overall, this serum is good for the traveling purpose but I prefer to use my regular serum if I am not on traveling.

7. Heaven Grade Ginseng Cream from the Face Shop


This Heaven Grade Ginseng Cream is the same serial with the essence that I told previously. During traveling, I used this cream as my daytime moisturizer and also as a night cream. I just thought to be simple. So, if the product did not state the purpose, I will use it for multiple purposes.

My Experience : This cream is very light and it can be well-absorbed into my skin. It also can be blended with my CC cream and face powder properly. This cream is recommended to be applied into the skin and also it can be used for multiple purpose, which is good for traveling reason.

8. Revitalizing Eye Cream from the Face Shop


An eye area treatment maybe the area that most people won’t think about during traveling. For me, this would be one of the important treatment, especially during traveling. Because the tiring effect will be appear easily in the eye area and I need to keep this area be healthy in every season.

My Experience : The Revitalizing Eye Cream from The Face Shop gave the healthy effect in my eye area even though this was not my regular cream. It helped me to reduce the dark circle.

9. Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam from The Face Shop


I really like this Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam from The Face Shop. It gave a wonderful moisturizer for my skin and the formula was able to make my facial skin hydrated, moisturized and fresh after washing the face. However, I only could be able to use this facial foam for 2 times of usage in every sachet. It means that it only last for a day.

10. MasCream Sheet from The Face Shop


The mask would be the important thing to bring during traveling. Why? Because, we have to treat our skin as well as to maintain it in different seasons or even pollution. We might know about the season in the city of arrival, but we do not know the real situation of the season itself. I used to bring the mask sheet during traveling and applying on every 2 days. It will make my skin healthy and fresh on my packed journey.

My Experience : This mask has a very wonderful result on my skin. It was like after applying the moisturizer or a night cream on the face. My skin felt very moisturized and chewy. I could not find my skin was brightened because of this mask, but it felt very healthy.

11. A Compact Pouch


I used to put my whole skincare products in a compact pouch. It would be very simple and ‘not complicated’ if putting in the luggage.

What skincare products will you bring during traveling?

Thanks for reading.


  1. Olive oil from wardah to wipe up dust, the soap from hada labo. In the next morning I used sunblock and/or CC cream only. I didnt travel that long though


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