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Get the Youthful Skin with Drops of Youth from The Body Shop

To get the healthy skin, we can’t skip every single step of the skincare treatment. We should consider about the time spent to do this activity. How to keep maintaining the skin within the hectic activity?

There would be no easy way to get the healthy and moisturized skin, especially in the age of over 35 years old. We can’t refuse the change of our skin condition, such as usually the skin becomes dull, has the fine lines, and less moisturized. Serum is one of the skincare products that I won’t forget to be applied everyday.

What is Serum?

It is the skincare product that can maintain specific skin concerns, such as wrinkles. It can be used everyday after cleansing our face with facial wash and facial toner and before applying the moisturizer. In my case, I used to apply the facial serum after applying the facial essence.

What can Serum do for your skin?

It can be absorbed directly into the skin and delivering powerful ingredients as it contains smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into our skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. For me, I feel my skin become firmer, moisturized and fresh if I apply the facial serum regularly.

Should we still apply the moisturizer after serum?

Definitely YES! We should apply the moisturizer lotion as it can create a barriers on top of the skin. Therefore, the skincare products will be able to well-absorbed into our skin.

My Facial Serum is …………

Actually, I was in love with the Signature from the Face Shop. It is the best serum that I every tried. But it is being discontinued to be distributed in Indonesia. That’s too bad because I can feel the best effect in my skin and I was really satisfy. Then, I have to find another facial serum that is suitable with my skin. This time, I try the Drops of Youth from the Body Shop. As being informed by the sales person, this serum is the serum based before applying the Drops of Light from the Body Shop, which I will review it on my next post.

Drops of youth from the Body Shop Cute Packaging

What does it say in the box?

It contains 99% ingredients of natural origin with 3 plant stem cells (Edelweiss from the Italian Alps, Sea Holly & Christe Marine from the Brittany Coast). Those 3 plant stem cells are working together in the advanced serum to help enhance skin renewal and trigger visibility fresh, youthful-looking skin at the surface.

Those are what stated in the packaging. What is the real fact based on my experience?

Why I want to use this serum?

Actually, I want to get the serum with a light water-based texture. I just want to feel fresh and light enough. And some of my friends said that this serum works well in their skin. Then, it’d great if I get that feeling as well.

Curved bottle is a very cute packaging ever!

Another thing that attract my eyes would the cute 30 ml bottle. It is made from the light glass with a curve shape. For some people, it would be just the regular bottle but I love the packaging so much. It is small enough and be flexible if I put in the bag or in the makeup pouch. The packaging is also be equipped with the small pipette to take the serum up. This would make us easier in measuring the amount of serum to be applied.

A Small Pipette for Serum Measurement

How do I use this serum?

I usually apply this serum once a day, especially at night. It is only 2 – drops of serum that come out from pipette and wipe it on all my face. I often only use 1 drop of serum and it should be enough to be applied on my face.

As I being told from the sales man, this serum should be applied before the application of Drops of Youth. However, it will be too much serum that get into my skin and I have the unexpected effect. I will share my experience of using both serum at the same time in my next post.

These are the stages of the serum application (my version) :

  1. Clean the facial skin with the cleansing lotion, cleansing oil and cleansing foam
  2. Ensure that our face already clean by wiping the skin with the facial toner
  3. Apply the facial essence
  4. This is the Serum Application time! I feel 95% sure that my face already clean and moisturized enough before accepting the serum

How does the serum feel?

When I apply the Drops of Youth serum, I feel the texture is very watery and light. It can be spread on all over my face very easy and it can be absorbed very well into my skin. I don’t have to wait for more than 5 minutes until this serum dry. I only wait form less than a minute and it is dry already. The smell is also very good. It smells like mint or plant, which is very fresh and lively.

After use effect. Does it good?

This is my honest review of this serum. I feel my skin fresh enough and moisturized after the application. The healthy skin is existed after using this serum. This serum can also blend with my other skincare products or even with my makeup. However, I still don’t have the effect like I get from the Signature serum. I haven’t got the firm effect yet or there would be the different effect of the Drop of Youth Serum. Therefore, I just wait and see after I finish the bottle.

Do you have another way to use the facial serum? Please share ……

Thanks for reading.


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