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Weekend Vibes – Make Your Hobbies as Your Bank

Working with passion will be the dream for most people to fill their long last happiness. But can we deal with some risks that might appear in realizing the passion for work?

Everybody have hobbies that become their passion and they can’t live without. In real life, the hobby will stay as it is. We used to spend our time to do our hobbies during the leisure time or after office hours. We really need to have relaxation after the hectic working activities by doing our hobbies. It will be really peaceful.

After having a long thought, I believe that those hobbies can be a livelihood. We will be happier if we are doing our hobbies but unconsciously we are actually working. I know that a lot of people are already applied it for their livelihood but some of them still stay in their daily routine to do the working activities from morning until night. Actually, I still do that.

Hobbies as a Passion and It can Create Money

I am sure that everybody have hobbies or favorite things to do to be spent on the weekend, such as traveling, cooking, doing sport activities, beauty treatment, networking, watching movie, taking a short course and other preferred activities. We won’t get tired or bored even though we are spending our time more than we do on our daily routine (WORKING HOURS!). That is because those hobbies are our favorite things to do and those become our passion. We are willing to do it with sincerity.

Life is only once. Why don’t we just spend our time to make ourselves happy by spending most of our time on our hobbies but still make money for life.

As we know that we are living the digital era. Everything can be done through digital, such Internet, website, social media and other platform. It means that those hobbies can be created as a source of money through digital.

How can we do it?

  • Put the story about our hobbies or passion in the blog post or vlog
  • Monetize everything – We can engage the monetizing programs that are offered by the website platform, such as Google Adsense, WordAds, etc. We can also do the affiliate marketing by do the affiliation program of some brands. As the influencer or endorser could be another interesting method for monetizing.

What are the Challenges?

  • Ourselves — We have to commit to have the interesting content to be posted regularly without thinking about the boredom and the laziness. This is actually the biggest threat that we should face it because we have to deal with ourselves.
  • Uncertain Income — This type of job would be different with the regular job, which is we are being paid every month with the fix amount of money. Then, we can organize our expenses in proper way.
  • Build the Matched Network — In order to increase our viewers, we have to build the networks that are matched with our content. This won’t be resulted in a day but it can be happened after some period of times, such as after 6 months, a year or more. However, after we have the solid network, we will have 2 ways communications and we will support each other to build our own business.
  • Select the Safe Affiliate Marketing Program — There are a lot of interesting affiliate programs that are being offered by brands. Most of them offer interesting fee for certain purpose. However, we have to select the safe company that will pay us in agreed period. We also have to check the method of payment because different countries will have different regulation.
  • Keep Enhance the Market — Don’t stop enhancing the market. Keep continue to do the market expansion.

What is the Best Solution?

The best solution would be come from OURSELVES. It will have the strong effect and will minimize the barriers instantly with less effort because we are working on what we have the passion in it.

My Story

I am on my way to realize this working on my passions and it is still running for a year. I have some passions that I really love to do it and I won’t feel tired to spend most of my time to do those passions.

    • Traveling


Sydney Traveling

Sydney Traveling
    • Photography

Clarke Quay Singapore

Clarke Quay Singapore
    • Writing

    • Beauty Treatment

    • Spending my Time in Cafes

Brownbag Kemang

What did I do?

  • Blogging — I started to write the articles and post them in my website and also in my social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Path)
  • Do the In-Depth Research — I don’t want to do writing without any data or survey. as the foundation on my articles. I do by experiencing for most of the time and it will make my articles more lively because it is based on the real life. My purpose would be sharing my real story and give the real inputs to my networks.
  • Keep Updating the trend — I don’t want my website and my social media feeds are leave behind because of the less updated content. Therefore, I always keep updating the trend to be applied to my networks.
  • Engage with the Monetizing Program — As I built my website in the WordPress, I am engaging with the WordAds program. I put 2 ads on my website layout. I just don’t want to put too money ads on a single page as it will be looked as a directory instead of a blog.
  • Register and Active in the Affiliate Marketing Program — I keep searching and applying for the affiliate marketing program that are responsive with my website and also with my social media. I currently do some affiliate marketing programs.
  • Be Active – The meaning of active term is actively posting the useful article in my blog, put the interesting photo in the online photo seller, and updating my social media with the interesting content. As I am the very talkative person, I also like to talk with my networks to give some inputs or ideas and also the round back.

What I feel NOW?

I feel that my life becomes more lively because I don’t want to spend my life by doing the things that are not my passions.

Please share your stories ……

Thanks for reading.


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