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Healthy Breakfast | Superfood Episode 2

This article still talks about the superfood for breakfast. This is the episode 2. However, this video is on Indonesian language. If you need me to talk in English language or put the English subtitle, please let me know.

I really addicted to any kind of healthy food and healthy drink. I used to consume it during breakfast and also for my snack. Previously, I did not care about the healthy food. I only eat and drink what I like most. And I realize that my body needs to consume all foods and drinks but the healthy ones. I started to drink juices every morning since 3 years ago and eat vegetables in every dishes. Right now, I feed my body is fresher and healthier.

In this video and article, I would like to share my breakfast menu with smoothies and superfood. This is the continuation of my previous article that can be seen from this LINK.

I use my two favorite fruits to be blended, which are 3 pieces of strawberries and 1 piece of banana. I blend them with almond milk for about less than 1 minutes until those are blended properly. Then, pour it in the small size of bowl. And, it is ready to put various superfoods on the top.

  • Granola – For me this is the main part of the superfood. This does not mean that other superfoods are not important but Granola is the must thing that never been forgotten. I put the benefit of Granola in this LINK.
  • Crunchy Zest – Actually, I am new to this but I begin to love it. It is mixed of cranberry, edamame, almond and pumpkin seed. It can give different taste while chewing the smoothies.
  • Chia Seed – This is my never forgotten superfood. Put a bit of layer of Chia Seed on the top of smoothies. It has a lot of benefit and it is being described in this LINK as well.
  • Sunflower Seed – According to the, Sunflower seeds have a lot of health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. It contains vitamin E, magnesium, protein, linoleic fatty acids and several plant compounds.

I complete my day by consuming the lemon infused water. I feel so fresh for the whole day. Do you have any experience while consuming superfood? Please share in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading and watching my video ….


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