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Kilometers from Perth City in Good Friday Break (Part 1)

I just want to have a short break in the quite city with surround by polite people. Can I find a comfort place in only 4 days ? How can I get the public transport from the airport during the public holiday?

Welcome to Perth!

I always want to visit Perth, Western Australia for years. I have heard lots of positive information about this city, such as a very quite city with numbers of beautiful parks and wonderful places to visit and most of them require ZERO entrance fees. Hmmmm, how can I proof this info if I do not experience them by myself ?

I decided to travel to Perth, Australia on last Easter Break in 2017. I took 4 days to enjoy Perth and visit some most wanted tourist attraction places. Can I get my comfort feeling in a very short time ?

In my first story about Perth, I will share about how to travel to the Perth city from the Airport during the Easter Break. In Australia the Easter Break started from the Good Friday break, Easter Day until the Monday Easter. A 4-Day Easter Holiday !!!!! Usually, most of public transports in Perth will off their service during the public holiday.

I arrived in Perth Airport at around 11 AM in the International arrival terminal (Terminal 1). The airport itself is very organized, neat and you can find the signage everywhere. There are a lot of  shops you can visit just outside the exit gate after the baggage claim, such as the phone provider stores, car rental desks, groceries shops, cafes and restaurants and you also can find the Perth map and other information very easy. The airport staffs were also very helpful. You won’t be lost in the airport!

It was a Good Friday break though! Firstly, I had no idea how to get the public transport from the airport area to the city as it is the public holiday in Australia. I browsed some websites in advance and I find the information that there was the Perth Airport Connect Shuttle available in the airport with cheaper rate than taxi. The sad thing that I’ve got the replied email from the Connect bookings that they permanently closed its operations since 13th March 2017. Oh well !


Actually, there are many public transports you can choose from the Perth Airport in regular days.

  • Bus – There are 2 numbers of Transperth Buses that operate from Domestic Terminal (Terminal 3 and Terminal 4). Bus no. 37 and no. 40. If you already know which route that you will go, you better take this type of public transportation as it is cheaper than taxi.

If you arrive in the International terminal (Terminal 1), then you have to catch the transfer bus. It is a free of charge bus and you can find the bus stop area just outside the arrival main gate.

  • Taxi – This was my final choice as I did not have many alternatives to be chosen, especially in the public holiday. The taxi stall locates nearby the Smoking Area outside and the car rental section. It is very easy to be found because there’d be the clear “TAXI” signage in each bus stop outside. My route is from Perth Airport in the suburb of Redcliffe to Murray Street in the Perth city. And it costed A$ 51! Yes, it was for ONE WAY 🙂

You will know my “place to visit” in Perth, in my next blog. Just wait ……. *Thanks for reading

Tips :

  • If you decide to travel during the public holiday, you better check the public transport availability in advance, especially to transfer you safely from the airport. They usually provide the information in their official website.
  • Learn about the destination map and places to go in advance. So, you will have more time in enjoying the places instead of searching for the place in that time.





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