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Less Makeup & Send Out the Beauty

Hi again,

I do love skincares either makeups. I am very addicted to any kind of those that can make my skin glowing and perform well during the days. However, there are some days that I don’t like to put a full makeup on. On those days, I prefered to put a simple makeup, such as a light colour of eyebrows, serum, moisturiser, a light colour of blush on and lipstick. That’s all. But I also don’t like my face looks pale. 

This is my best tips and tricks that I want to share to you. 

Just wear a red lipstick !

Why red lipstick ? I my experience, when I apply a very bright colour in my lips, it will glow my skin face naturally, even-though I only apply a thin layer of makeup. There are 3 lipsticks that I used to wear with a simple makeups. I used the red, pink and burgundy colours. I chose not only wear a red colour, but still the bright ones.

Maybelline (MAT6)

It is a bold matte lipstick. The texture of the lipstick is very solid and it has a strong colour. RED. When I applied this lipstick in my lips, the colour easily come out and becomes matte without waiting for a second. The colour will disguise the thin makeup layer and arc the aura. It is good for the night usage. So, if I have to attend the awarding night, I don’t have to think what makeup should I wear. I simply just put my red lipstick and go!

 L’OREAL (Sheer Plum)

The colour is beautiful. It has a burgundy colour. When the first layer of application, the colour will not be appear properly. I used to apply it for more than 1 layer. It still appear a very light colour. But after 3-4 minutes application, the colour appear in beautiful burgundy colour. It is not so matte but it is matte. It can make my skin glowing. It is good for applying in a dark skin like mine. It can make the clean and fresh effects. I usually wear this lipstick since morning while I started my activities. I did the touch after eating though but itnis fine with me.


It is a matte balm lipstick with a pencil shape. I like the packaging because it is simple and easy to be used. I just rotate the lipstick out if want to use. So, the lipstick won’t broken if I put in my makeup pouch. It is very safe. The lipstick colour is bright pink at the end of the application and it is matte after 1 minute application. The colour is very solid and I like to use this for daily use, especially in the semi formal occations. 

However, the colour of each lipstick will appear differently based on the skin colour. 

Hopefully, this information help you in finding the best lipstick. 

Thanks for reading.


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