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My Journey in Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace is one of destinations that attract most tourists in Bangkok, Thailand. This is a complex of buildings and the Palace itself has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam since 1782 until 1925 in grounds of the Palace. Most of tourists visit Grand Palace to explore more about the culture and history. The Palace complex tells the history that showered through paintings and carvings in the temples, statues and buildings inside. Every time I went to Grand Palace, I could feel the historical nuance that couldn’t be described by words. Beside the culture, another factor that motivate me to visit this Palace was the MILK. There was a stand near the exit gate that sell the fresh milk in the small package. The milk taste so natural and there was not too milky. So, after enjoying the culture, I also had the healthy nutrition.

There are some activities that happened in this Palace, which are Royal rituals, state banquets and other official functions. If you plan to visit Grand Palace, it opens everyday between 8 AM – 3.30 PM. But I recommend you to come around 9 AM as there’d be a long queue just to get the ticket. The entrance fee is 500 Baht per person. It is very worth price though as you’ll get the historical experience in return after exploring each historical spot.

There are some photos that I want to share to you. So, you can feel the beauty of the Palace and the temple.

In some sacred place, we had to wear the proper clothes with no short pants allowed. If we wear anything but short, we had to cover it by long cloth.

Eventhough, the sun hit me in proper ways, I love this place and the story behind. Have you ever to visit any historical place? Please share your experiences.

Thank you for your reading.


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