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My Favorite Photos in Singapore

I love traveling so much. It can boost the energy of mine while doing it. Traveling can give me another views to be felt and some beautiful sceneries. Different environments also able to give the comfort feeling. This is the reason why I plan 2 times a year for traveling, which one journey that is required a visa and another with passport only.

Singapore is one of the destinations that I choose to travel in Asia. It only take 1 hour 45 minutes by air from Jakarta to Singapore, which depends on their flight though. Why do I choose Singapore? I know it feels like I am still in Jakarta as they weather is exactly the same. But the environment is definitely different. In Singapore, I can find the clean road with less traffic and very good public transportation. The pedestrians are big and clean enough that make people feel comfort to walk through the road.

In this post, I want to share my favorite photos when I travel to Singapore.



Clarke Quay

Marina Bay Sands


Clean Environment

I know that Singapore has the similar environment with Jakarta but it gives different feeling for me. I can feel that I am on holiday when I am in Singapore.

Thanks for looking through my post.


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