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Ready for a Long Holiday?

A holiday can be a break for our brains and also for our physics. Everybody need a break to get the fresh feeling and start a new day with the refresh mind.

The Christmas and a New Year holiday is only counting within days and we are so excited about it. A long holiday means a long break for us from our daily routine. We need to feel different environments, facing a ‘not too morning’ activity or just enjoying our times with families and friends. And some of us are still doing some working tasks but with different feeling. Because it is a holiday for us. However, we may not dissolve in excitement of a holiday. We need to have a deep preparation for enjoying it and do not make anything that will ruin your break.

There are some things that I used to prepare before go for a holiday.

1. Be Ready for the Ticket and a Voucher

We believe that we already have the flight ticket and a hotel voucher that are paid in advance. Some of us already paid those in a year or few months before. In order to cut the time in the check-in process, it’d be great if we print the ticket and a voucher as well as the receipt of the payment. Or if you familiar with the digital, you just save the e-ticket as well as the e-voucher to be shown at the hotel receptionist and the check-in desk. I, personally, prefer to print those, just to avoid the confusion of the check-in person if I give the digital form.

2. Check the Weather

I know that we can’t predict the weather current days. Mostly raining but the sun heat the skin in the morning. During traveling, I always bring the jacket or cardigan, a pashmina and a pair of sock even-though I know that I will go to the city in the summer. Because, sometimes the weather keep changing within hours and we should prepare the proper clothes. As I mentioned before, I will bring a pair of sock. Why should I bring the sock? It is for the flight purposes. I want to enjoy the flight moment without feeling cold. As we know that the air conditioner always be set in a low temperature and it will make us feel freeze during the flight. We need something to cover our feet and body. Beside those stuffs that we should bring, the umbrella also be needed but I always lazy to bring it. Because I don’t want to be complicated during traveling. I prefer to bring a jacket with hoot to cover my head.

3. Check the Airpot Tax

Some airports have different tax rates that should be paid that are not being socialized previously. Sometimes, we just do not concern about it and we do not bring the spare money. In Indonesia, some city have different rates and we are just being informed when we are in the airport. In order to avoid rushing in the airport in finding the ATM machine, I used to do browsing when I create the travel itinerary. Some airports give that information in their websites, but some of them have none. However, some travelers give the information about the tax rates in their blogs or in the Tripadvisor. It is really help us in preparing the money for paying the airport tax.

4. Bring Sandals

I love sandals so much! Firstly, I never bring it, but I bring sneakers or wedges instead. In my opinion, the outlook will be better if we use sneakers or wedges instead of sandals or slippers. However, without us knowing it, we do some walking in a long distance for days and it will ended with cramps. In my experience, when I have 7 days of traveling, I will buy sandals on the 5th days. Therefore, it will be better if I bring those from home, and we can purchase other meaningful things instead.

5. No Need to Bring Towels

If I am staying in the hotel or even in the hostel, I never bring towels as they always provide large and small towels in the bedroom or in the bathroom. I don’t want the damp towels will be mixed with my other stuffs in the luggage and it will end up with the weird smell. The damp towel will be heavier after usage though.

6. Install the Travel Application


This will be the useful tools to guide us in choosing the travel destination. I used to use Sygic Travel Application for traveling. It is because I still can access the map and the GPS even-though I was offline. So, I won’t get lost.

7. Always Bring the Duffle Bags!

This is to avoid buying another bags because of too much shopping! As we know that we always to excited when we saw the “SALE” sign. We just hypnotized in buying anything in the store. And it is ended up buying the extra handbag for the extra shopping.

Those are my tips before traveling. How about you?

Thanks for reading.

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