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What are the Stories that Interest You?

In writing the interesting blog, the attractive story is a must to have that bundled in the enjoyable sentences. The formal words should less to be used and the casual words should be in the article for about 90%. Why is that? People tend to get tired after they are doing their daily activities and their brain need some funny stories or even useful to be read or see. Their brain will get more relax and they can sleep well. Beside that factor, we should know the topics that are needed for the readers as well as offer the best solution to them. The interesting topic can also create the need that are hidden previously. We can share our stories without considering on what readers needs and wants, but those stories won’t have the chemistry for both sides that are the writer and readers. It is only one way interaction instead of two ways. Even though we are posting on daily basis, the chemistry also won’t work if we only talk about ourselves.

In my blog post, I used to share some stories based on my passions, which are beauty and traveling. In terms of beauty topics, I really want to tell about my experience on what I usually do for the skincare treatment and also the cosmetics that I often used for daily basis. I tell the information transparently with pros and cons. I want to help my readers during their selection for their skincare or cosmetic products. However, I keep learning about the beauty stuffs everyday as the trend always change every period. And I always ask for people opinion or input about the products that I used or the topics that I have talked about.

In this post, I would like ask you about what are the topics about beauty that you are interesting to talk about and also what are the issues that you are currently finding the solution. I am very happy to find the solution for you by doing a desk research and try it by myself. I also keep searching the current trends about beauty and put them in my blog posts. My fundamental is my story should be your story. And my success should be your success.

I am waiting for your input and lets discuss about it!

Thanks for reading.

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