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Get the Energy Back

Hi again everyone,

Hopefully, you won’t get bored with my story about my favorite place to refresh my mood and get my energy back. Blacklisted Cafe. I did my review on my previous post though. And I re-review this cafe but with a different menu. 

I love to go to Lotte Avenue as this mall is very near to my home and it has the perfect crowd. Basically, I don’t like the crowd mall that will ruins my mood. And there is the cafe that I used to spend my day in while doing my blog or chilling out with my family and friends. 

The factors that I consider in chosing the cafe to be visited are :

  1. The Environment. I prefer the non crowded place with some space between seats. In Jakarta, I prefer the indoor cafes but I prefer the outdoor cafes instead. Why? In Melbourne, I can get the fresh air while sitting outdoor by listening to the birds’ sound. While in Jakarta, I need the air conditioner more and I need to avoid the polution. 
  2. Friendly Waitress. I can’t argue with this one. Waitresses with fully friendly service, polite, have great attitude and honest are the major factors in selecting the best cafe in town.
  3. Cleanliness. It is related with the cleanliness of the place and cutleries. It relects the cleanliness of the foods that are offered.
  4. Foods and Beverages. This means the menu. I, personally, don’t mind with all kind of food as long as it is clean and healthy.

When I went to Blacklisted cafe yesterday, I tried another menu instead of the fish and chips that I used to order everytime I went there. I looked at the menue and I felt that I wanted to have spaghetti for my lunch. It would be really creamy and tasty.

    Then, I ordered Fettuccine with Cream Seafood Sauce. It was a fettuccine pasta with a tomato cream sauce with seafood. It was so yummy. The cream sauce was not too cheesy but it was tasty. The toppings were 2 shrimps and 2 slices of squids. I put chilli powder on the top for seasoning. I like the taste and the portion was so perfect. The price for this was IDR 68,000 or around $7 per portion.

    As usual, I ended the meal with a cup of hot cappucino. In Blacklisted, I get the water freshener to refresh my throat after coffee. The water freshener is the infusion water with lemon.

    In my opinion, any cafes and restaurants will be attractive according to how they represent their foods and environment.

    Thanks for reading.

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