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My Makeup Pouch on June

Hi everyone !

I am a typical woman who always addicted to cosmetics and ranges of skincare. I feel so empty everytime I forget to bring my makeup pouch. But, I don’t like to bring all my makeups for daily activities. I prefer to do the proper skincare treatment in advance and just apply the “not so basic makeup” during the day. 

On June, I’d like to have a matte and natural look. So, I will share to you what things that I bring everyday in my bag.

Compact Powder

I always bring the compact powder from Make Over in my makeup pouch. I love this powder because it gives extra coverage and the colour is very natural. I don’t like to wear a heavy makeup but with an extra coverage. Usually I use the powder brush for the application to give the natural and glowing finish for the daytime. But for the night use, I simply use the powder sponge for the matte & extra coverange result.

Shimmer or Blush On

I use the shimmer from The Body Shop with the bronze shade. I choose these 5 colours to make my life simple. I use 3 colours above as a blush on to give the sparkle effect and give the fresh look. The dark chocolate colour, I use it as a simple contouring and shading. And I use to put  the gold colour under my eyebrow and above my eyelid to emphasize my upper eye. The whole result after the application is very matte and natural finish.

Eyebrow Pencil or Eyeshadow

For my eyebrow, I like to be natural and not to be emphasized. Therefore, I prefer to use eyeshadow from Catrice for shaping my eyebrow. It will have the natural result if comparing with the eyebrow pencil. 

  • Dark Grey Colour : This is good for shaping the eyebrow for the night use. It will give thicker effect for the eyebrow but still natural.
  • Dark Brown Colour : I use this colour for everyday use. It is so natural and the effect is not for the eyebrow only but it will give the natural effect for the whole makeup. This is good colour applicationfor working activities.
  • Light Brown Colour : This colour will have the better result if combining with Dark Brown Colour. This casual result is good for welcoming weekend.

I bring the cream pencil in a grey colour from Maybelline instead of the pallete in my makeup pouch. It is used only for touch up if needed.


I only use eyeliner if I have the night event. I don’t like to apply it for the daytime because my eyes feel so heavy for a longer time usage. I prefer to use the eyeliner pencil with brown latte colour from Make Over. I like the pencil because it is very soft and it is really easy to apply. It also last more than 8 hours. I choose the brown colour because it is very natural and perfectly match with my eyes shape.


The last one will be LIPSTICK! I definitely bring 2 types of lipsticks with different colours. Why? Because the colour will be different for a daytime use and for a night time. 

  • Modelsprefer Matte Lipstick (No. 0616 – Naughty Nude). This colour is very soft and calm. It gives the medium matte result but it won’t be too blinky. It can be used in the casual and semi formal events in the daytime.
  • ZAM Lipstick. I love this colour and texture. The colour is a combination between plum, chocolate and maroon. And it is very matte. It won’t last out for more than 12 hours and it still stands well in my lips. If I were used less make up, I usually wear this lipstick to balance my makeup.

Hand Sanitizer

I always bring one of my hand sanitizer wherever I go. I love to be sanitized and also I also can use this as a perfume. I have the review on the hand sanitizer in this LINK.

    That’s about my sharing on what makeup that I get into on this June. How about yours?

    Thanks for reading. 


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