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Get the Natural Matte Look with BB cream from Maybelline

A perfect daily look will be one of the most important thing for most women. We will feel very confidence if we have the proper makeup that suitable with our style. For some women, they do makeup everyday for about 1 to 2 hours before start their activities. That would be a long effort, especially in the morning rush. Those are started from the skincare routine until finishing the makeup things. I only take for about 30 minutes everyday for the skincare routine, makeup preparation until finish it. It works for the light makeup instead of a heavy one, as I prefer to have a matte natural look with a light touch. In terms of that, I usually use the light foundation as a makeup base that is blended with a beauty blender to get the natural glowing finish. However, sometimes I feel that my pores cannot breath if I put the foundation everyday. So, I use a light BB cream alternately. I feel that my skin can breath easily and I also won’t feel that I wear a full makeup. The other thing that would be benefited of using the BB cream that it would cut the morning process time by replacing the moisturizer and foundation application with BB cream only. It will save time for about 5 minutes.

Previously, I use the BB cream from the Faceshop for about a year. Now, I try to use the drugstore product, which I heard that the BB cream from this brand is good. It is a ClearSmooth All In One BB from Maybelline. I already use this product for a month and I kind of like it.

This is my experience of using this product.

What does this product claim at?

As stated in the tube, it claims that this BB gel cream has the effect of all day shine-free and protecting the skin from UV rays. It can also brightens, conceals, refines, smoothes, evens and hydrates the skin. It contains SPF 21. The thing that I want to try this product because it states that it is suitable for sensitive skin.


I bought the 18 ml size of tube. I feel that this size would be perfectly compatible for using at home or bring it along during traveling. It is just a regular tube with a solid material. So, if I put it in the bag, it won’t spill out easily, especially with a strong cover as a lid.


This BB cream has a new formula of a light gel cream that can absorb excess oil. The texture itself is on a medium solid lever. It is like a light foundation texture. When I spread throughout my face, it can spread evenly. It can also absorb into my skin easily and it has a cool effect after the application.


Don’t ever compare BB cream with a foundation, in terms of the coverage. It has a different coverage though, and usually BB cream has lower coverage than the foundation has. Also with this BB gel-cream. It has low to medium level coverage if I blend through my face by using beauty blender. But it has the glow effect and you can raise the coverage by waiting for about 1 to 2 minutes after the application until the gel-cream are being well-absorbed into the skin.

How to Use

I usually use this BB gel-cream after applying the hydrating toner, soothing gel, essence, serum and a sun cream throughout my face. And I only use it during a daytime. I put 2 lyers while applying because I need more coverage for my complexion.

After Use Effect

I feel that my skin more healthy because this gel-cream can moisture my skin perfectly. My skin feel very hydrated as well. However, I have to wait 1 to 2 minutes after the application and it can be blended well with the powder or other makeup utilities that I use. Or I will get the untidy makeup look instead. The skin also feel very light and it is very comfortable for me in using it for daily basis.

Next Purchase

I would love to repurchase this brand as I like the end result.

This is my story about the BB Gel-Cream from Maybelline. Do you have another experiences with this brand?

Thanks for reading!


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