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Easy Smoky Eye SEPHORA to Make Your Eyes’ Shape Lively

To define our eyes sharpened, eyeliner will be one of the powerful tools that can make it happened in easy way. However, sometimes we are spending to much time just to put the line on or we do the shape mistakenly.

At the beginning of the day, we as a woman do a lot of preparations to ensure that our day will run smoothly and also to boost our mood of not getting down in any conditions. Put the proper makeup will be one of the things we do. Actually, we do not have to put the whole makeup on but we just need the simple but fresh makeup tone to shower our face aura out. Another thing that we need to be considered is defining our eyes’ shape. If we do the right shape, our eyes will speak loudly than words. It means that if we put the eyeliner in correct way, our eyes’ shape will create the whole face character in proper way.


We find lots of challenges in applying the eyeliner. First, it is wasting a lot of time just to put the line on our eyes’ and keep the shape balance on both eyes. Secondly, if we apply the eyeliner in unproper shape, our eyes will look strange and it will ruin our whole look. We can deny that we only have no more than 1 hour to put our whole makeup on in every morning. And we only have less than 10 minutes to define our eyes and we have to put it in the correct way. Sometimes, we put the eyeliner on too thick or too thin. We also put the different shape between our left and right eyes accidentally. Those are our sweet challenges that we have to face it every morning.

Easy Smoky Eye SEPHORA

I am the type of girl who always find lots of difficulties in applying the eyeliner. I could not make the shape be balanced between my left and right eyes, which come out with different shapes. Besides of that, my eyes are also easily watery when I put too much eyeliner on water lines, especially on low part of water lines. Therefore, I need to find the eyeliner with soft surfaces and has the strong color with single application. When I browsed in SEPHORA store, I found the Easy Smoky Eye SEPHORA. It is the type of eyeliner to create the smoky eye.

This eyeliner has two sides in a package, which contain the eyeliner stick and the brush applicator. The brush itself is being used for smoothing the shape and make the eyeliner color more even and has the soft color. The brush texture is a bit rigid but it is still flexible as the applicator. In terms of the package, it is very simple package to be brought every day and it also simplify my effort in applying the eyeliner.

THE COLOR — I choose the dark chocolate color with a shimmer effect. Why I choose the chocolate color because it is the natural color and it won’t be to have a strong color even though I apply the eyeliner to thick. The shimmer effect will make my eyes more lively. However, I couldn’t find the shimmer maximally when I smooth the color with the brush.

THE TEXTURE — I really like the texture of this eyeliner as it is very soft and the color is easy to get out. I used to apply a very thin line of the eyeliner on the water line. I can get the color in only one try with less effort.

COLOR WILL FADE — The other factor why I use less eyeliner for my daily use is because I do not want to have the brown or black eyeliner color in under my eyes. There are many eyeliners that I already tried previously and most of the time I find that the eyeliner color would fade at 2 PM. It will leave the brown or black color in under my eyes and I had to clean it over. However, this Easy Smoky Eye SEPHORA will give the solution of my problem. The color will stay in my water line since morning until night. However, sometimes my eyes feel sore every afternoon. I guess this is not because the eyeliner but my eyes is very sensitive in accepting various formulas.

SUGGESTION — Do you have any suggestions to make the eyeliner color will stay longer and what eyeliner brand that light enough to be applied on daily basis?


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