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Enjoy the Day at The Cutt Grilled House

By sitting in the right place, our moods will change automatically. Do you agree with that?

The restaurant or cafe are one of the favorite places to be chosen for most people in current days. There are a lot of people prefer to have a meeting in those places instead of at the office. Or some students have their group discussion after school by having snacks in this kind of places. It means that the restaurant or cafe is not only for hanging out purpose but also for working / studying activities. Why is that happened? It is because these places are able to give the peaceful atmosphere that can create the comfort feeling. Foods and beverages are still the important factors but the atmosphere will be the most wanted need for a lot people, who lives in the busy city. Those are just my opinion.

Around two weeks ago, my friend and I went to the launch of THE CUTT GRILL HOUSE restaurant that is located in Tebet area. I will give the detail information about it at the end of my post. Honestly, when we arrived at the restaurant, my eyes were attracted to the creative illustration with the real bicycle that is stick on the outdoor seats’ wall. It is just a simple illustration, but for me it has the story within.

The Creative Illustration


I can say that this restaurant is a type of a family restaurant with the size of medium to large. It has two storeys and it is illuminated with a warm light, which is yellow light. I like the place with this kind of light, because it can create the comfort feeling and feel like home. However, if you tend to take some photos on the second floor, it would be challenging because the light is too bright. The product shot will be too light. Then, it would be better if you do some shots on the first floor with a better light. Ok, back to the topic about the place, the spaces are wide enough between tables and it will privatized for each table.

Even though it is a type of a family restaurant, I saw many groups of young people hangout in THE CUTT GRILL HOUSE for having their lunch and dinner as well as a group of families. It means that this restaurant is not only be loved by family but also for young people. For me, this place has the perfect atmosphere to sit there and do blogging for hours because even though I arrive there during peak hours, I won’t feel too crowded because of the acceptable spaces between tables. The waitress were also very friendly and helpful. They kept give me some advice in choosing the food for my lunch and dinner.

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As I have told you about the atmosphere, it is very homey because of the spaces and the lights. The calm feeling was created automatically when we entered the restaurant. At first, we had our lunch on the second floor. This floor is quieter than the first floor but we were still feel the busy atmosphere from down stair because there was a void in the middle. Then, we decided to sit just beside the void and get the lively feel.

The Second Floor Seat Area

After we had lunch, we move to the first floor because we find that the light on the 2nd floor was too bright for photo taken. Other than that, there were many interesting spots on the 1st floor, such as the 2 to 3 group of benches in the library area and also the big illustration in stairs area that can be used as a photo background. In my opinion, the first floor was more lively than the second floor.


The other thing that we’d like in THE CUTT GRILL HOUSE restaurant would be THE FOOD! They offer variety of foods that we can choose from the range of beef, seafood, salad, chicken, sandwiches, burgers, snacks and cakes. There are also happened with variety of beverages. Honestly, I get confused in choosing the food for my lunch, especially while selecting the side dishes. I just wanted to have them all, but I only able to choose two for my fish and chips dish.


As I mentioned previously, finally we decided to order FISH AND CHIPS for our lunch. I used to order fish and chips in most of the restaurant, but package in THE CUTT GRILL HOUSE were different with others. The fish and chips package contains around 4 small fish fillets, chips, small bowl of vegetable and a sliced potato. We also had 2 sauces, which are tartar sauce and garlic & mayo sauce (if I am not mistaken). For us, this portion was too big for one person and this is the reason why we share the dish. In terms of the taste, I like the taste of the fish fillet and also the vegetable. I think the vegetable is spinach but with the taste of a cheese within. Trust me, the taste was very yummy and unique.

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For the drink, we had ice coffees. The taste has a very strong coffee taste but it was neutralized with the taste of jelly. And the overall taste is like a strong sweet coffee. But this one was also good.

The Ice Coffee with Jelly


Finally, it was the dinner time. We had offered to try the tenderloin steak and we decided to share the dish because we were afraid that the portion was too big for us. However, the portion was great for one person but we were still sharing the dish. The package consists the beef steak, some potato sliced, corn and mushroom. They also gave us the sauce, but I forgot the type of sauce. The beef steak was great. The fiber was very smooth that it won’t leave in the teeth.

The Tenderloin Steak Package

The Tenderloin Steak from Top Angle


Whatever the dishes are and how full we are, I still had a hot cappuccino to finish a day. The mug was also big for a cappuccino but I loved it so much!!!!!

A Hot Cappucino

So, get ready for welcoming FRIDAY!

You may find the information about THE CUTT GRILL HOUSE restaurant from :

  • Website:
  • Address: Jl Tebet Barat Dalam No. 23, Tebet Barat. Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
  • Phone : +6221 22831494
  • Instagram: @thecuttgrill
  • Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday (11.00 – 23.00) and Friday – Saturday (11.00 – 24.00)

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