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Well Moisturized by a Strawberry Soap?

Hello friends,

I love any kind of skincares too much, from top to bottom of my body. I regularly curious with some skincare that attract my vision at the first sight, especially the cute packaging. Then, I continue to explore the ingredients and benefits of those from the information in the back of the packaging, youtube channel and from the corporate / bloggers’ websites.

My dream is like another women dreams to get the best skin that fully moisturized, bright, glowing and anything that could offer best to us as a woman. Previously, I already reviewed some skincare brands that specialize for face and body. Now, I will make a review of a bar soap from the Body Shop. I usually use the shower gel to clean the dirts from my body as this is the simple way to do cleansing. When I accompanied my friend to buy the run out scrub from the Body Shop, my eyes had been attracted to the group of bar soaps in the lower rack with cute recycle packages. I looked and explored each bar in detail, in terms of the ingredients. Then, I tempted to try a 100 gram of strawberry bar soap that contains strawberry juice. At first, I have no idea about this bar soap. I only notice it with the smell reason and the organic packaging.

The review of this bar soap is listed at following points.

My First Impression

  • The packaging was so unique, ellegant and organic.
  • The smell was so good. It’s a combination smells of a candy and a strawberry fruit.

My After Use Impression

  • This soap 99% moisturized my body skin and I feel that it stays for more than 8 hours.
  • The soap texture is so soft and it won’t scratch my body skin while cleansing. 
  • It has a rich lather and it left my skin clean and refresh. I LOVE IT!
  • I feel that my skin looks brighter, healthier and less dry if comparing to my previous days.
  • I really love the aroma and it gives a strong scent and stays in my body for hours. It smell very fresh like a strawberry fruit and a juice. 
  • My score for this bar soap is 4/5. And I will consider to re- this soap.

This coincidence buying the strawberry bar soap from the Body Shop gives lots of benefit for me especially for my skin. And I think I’ll continue to use this.

    Thanks for reading 🙂


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